Hawksbill Turtle

Hawksbill Turtle

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By Fritz Alejandro Sánchez

The Hawksbill Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) is one of the most beautiful marine species that navigate our seas and oceans. She lives in the Indian and the Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea.

This reptile can be found near coral reefs and rock formations in flat coastal areas. In the adult state, they are the sea turtles with the most precious carapace made up of translucent shields, of varying color between yellow, amber, red, brown and black. The carapace is flattened, very hydrodynamic and with the final part of it strongly serrated.

Paradoxically, the beauty presented by this marine species today implies its death.The Hawksbill Turtle has been heavily captured to take advantage of its eggs, its meat, its skin and especially its shell, which is highly appreciated for the elaboration of various objects of ornament, jewelry and eyeglass frames.

Despite its hunting and commercialization being prohibited because it is an endangered species, illegal trafficking and trade continues to reduce the small population of turtles that inhabit the Caribbean Sea. Currently CITES (International Convention on Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora) has cataloged this species in extreme danger of disappearance, for this reason it has prohibited its commercialization. However, it is necessary to create and strengthen (already created) environmental laws to prevent illegal traffic. However, if it is penalized in Venezuela to sell Carey jewelry and ornaments, it is not uncommon to find objects made with amber-black shells in some tourist shops.

Although scientists, environmentalists and environmental institutions fight to preserve the Hawksbill Turtle, we have in our hands the best and most important program for its conservation: Do not buy any Hawksbill objects. The commitment must be unison in the conservation of the environment and the species of flora and fauna that inhabit it. You cannot think of a future (not even better or worse) without nature. Another threat to turtles is the degradation of the marine habitat. The destruction of coral reefs caused by pollution, dredging or careless handling of the anchors, reduces protection and food sources for these reptiles. The problem of litter on the beaches causes thousands of sea turtles to die when they eat or become entangled in balloons, plastic bags, lost nets, etc. Again, another of the most important conservation actions to keep a planetary ecosystem in balance is in our hands: Do not throw garbage on the beaches. Recycle and Reduce the use of Plastic Products.

Fritz Alejandro Sánchez
Social Communicator / Venezuela
E-mail: [email protected]

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