Barcelona promotes a car-sharing service and unifies electricity bonuses

Barcelona promotes a car-sharing service and unifies electricity bonuses

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The Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB) has proposed to unify the benefits and tax incentives for electric car users of the 36 municipalities in the area, and has approved the initial bases for the creation of a car-sharing service with hourly rental or for days.

In a statement this Thursday, AMB's Vice President for Mobility and Transportation, Antoni Poveda, explained that these initiatives represent a great step to continue advancing in the establishment of "true sustainable mobility."

According to Poveda, the objective of this initiative, which must be "led from the supramunicipal point of view", is to reduce air pollution, and improve air quality and the lives of citizens.

Thus, the AMB has approved a metropolitan model of municipal ordinances to promote the use of electric vehicles and low-emission vehicles in the 36 municipalities and reinforce their impact.


The tax incentives are the bonus for the tax on mechanical traction vehicles (IVTM) and the economic activities tax (Iae), and the discounted rates in regulated parking areas.

The vehicles that will have these incentives will be pure electric, electric with extended autonomy, hybrids, and those that run on hydrogen, natural gas (CNG and LNG), biogas, and LPG that are Euro 5 or higher.

Likewise, after the initial approval, the AMB will prepare a model of municipal ordinances (OM) to regulate these services in the local sphere, and for these incentives to become effective so that each municipality will have to approve and add them to their ordinances. municipal.

Subsequently, a common signage will be created to identify the parking areas, and a public tender will be held for the administrative concession of the spaces reserved for the car-sharing service in one of the companies specialized in offering this service.


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