17-year-old creates a biodegradable alternative to polystyrene trays

17-year-old creates a biodegradable alternative to polystyrene trays

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By Raul Mannise

Well Sayuri, a 17-year-old Brazilian girl, did think about it. Upon learning that this plastic takes between 100 to 300 years to decompose in nature. It was then that he began to look for a solution: why not produce trays from the bagasse (it is what remains after extracting the juice used to make sugar or biofuels) of sugar cane?

Thanks to the help of his mother, his teachers and his willingness and desire to investigate, the biodegradable tray is now a reality. In just one year I managed to create an optimal method to reuse this waste and obtain biodegradable trays, which has already been recognized with several international awards.

The idea is very simple, The girl gets the cane residue from a juice vendor near her house (in Brazil, cane juice is sold on the street as a soft drink), then she puts it in the glass blender (blender ) and grinds it to a powder, then mixes it with a paste based on wheat flour and water and heats the mixture, finally places it in a metal mold and takes it to the soft oven to dry.

Although Sayuri initially wanted to dry the containers with the sun, this could not be done due to the humidity, the dough was fermenting which made it necessary to dry them quickly with an oven, although she is investigating the construction of a solar oven.

The tray degrades in a few weeks, it is totally toxic free, in fact it could be eaten, hopefully soon the food containers will be more like what this young woman believed and less toxin-filled petroleum products.


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