NASA: The earthquake in Nepal altered the Earth's atmosphere

NASA: The earthquake in Nepal altered the Earth's atmosphere

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Data from a 'software' developed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory reveals that the earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25 created waves of energy that penetrated the Earth's upper atmosphere, disturbing the distribution of electrons. in the ionosphere, the region of the atmosphere about 60 to 1,000 kilometers above the Earth's surface. These disturbances have been detected thanks to the signals transmitted by the GPS system and have been received by a receiver located near Nepal.

As a result, certain changes have been recorded in the ionosphere that are currently being investigated, in the same way that other natural hazards, such as volcanic eruptions or tsunamis, are being examined. Scientists believe that the data they have can help them develop new models of wave propagation, whichcould be part of future early warning systems against tsunamis and other natural disasters, difficult to detect or predict.
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